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The Patient Partnership Index is a ground-breaking initiative from the OVID Health team.

Launched in May 2020, the Index offers pharmaceutical and biotech companies an opportunity to showcase, benchmark and evaluate the quality of their communications and advocacy with patient groups. The aim is to celebrate as many companies that meet the mark as possible, so we can raise the bar across the industry. There are no costs involved – entering the Index is completely free for everyone.

The Index was the culmination of thoughtful discussion and research, with a sole goal in mind: to improve patient outcomes through high quality patient-pharmaceutical partnerships in communications, advocacy and market access.

The concept of patient centricity is mainstream now in research and development, including in clinical trials and patient support programmes. But the Index looks beyond ‘centricity’ in R&D and into partnerships of equals for three reasons: one, because ‘centricity’ can be passive; two, it is traditionally tied to R&D; and three, because top quality communications between companies and patient groups is about collaborating as equals.

To discover insights generated by the Index team click here.

To learn even more about how to create successful patient partnerships, you can also read our insights report, Reinventing Partnerships Between Pharmaceutical Companies and Patient Groups. 

Patient Advocacy
with OVID Health


We can work across business functions to create a ‘patient promise’ plan of action on how to embed patient-centricity in communications and advocacy.


We are experts in bringing together pharmaceutical companies and patient groups to create and deliver impactful campaigns in a range of therapy areas.


We deliver workshops to help patient advocacy teams to plan their year ahead; and how to make the most out of new or existing PAG relationships at a global or national level.


We can support and advise pharmaceutical companies on how to deliver truly empowered engagement programmes with healthcare professionals (particularly in rare diseases).  


We are experts in advising companies on best practice and models of convening and setting up patient advisory councils.


We can independently review your patient centricity in communications and advocacy, using the metrics developed for the Patient Partnership Index alongside bespoke support and practical advice.

Index News

Following the success of the Patient Partnership Index 2022, OVID Health is proud to release our insights paper which brings together the key lessons and advice from this year’s top partnerships, as well as the expert insight of senior leaders in pharma and patient advocacy,......

On Tuesday 5th July, industry leaders and patient groups came together for the third annual Patient Partnership Index event, hosted by OVID Health. At the event, judges and representatives of GOLD standard partnerships discussed key themes from this year’s entries, including addressing health inequalities, the......

Our first ever Patient Partnership Index conference in October brought together leaders from pharmaceutical companies and patient groups. They shared inspirational examples of successful partnerships that had a huge impact on patients’ lives. What was clear is that successful partnerships don’t happen by chance. They......

Leading pharmaceutical news publication PharmaTimes Magazine has released their September issue, focused on issues of patient-centricity in pharma. To celebrate the success and valuable insights from the Patient Partnership Index 2020, this month’s PharmaTimes includes a feature piece from OVID Health’s founder and MD Jenny......

Patient communities are key partners in communications and advocacy for pharmaceutical companies. But what does an impactful partnership look like? The Patient Partnership Index 2020 is the UK’s leading initiative in the field – sharing best practice and recognising the pharmaceutical industry’s work in this......

The results of The Patient Partnership Index 2020 are in, showcasing the UK’s pharmaceutical sector’s work in communications and advocacy with patient organisations. The Index – an initiative created and co-owned by PharmaTimes and OVID Health – showcases the very best examples of partnerships between......