Have you made a PACT to improve outcomes for patients?
Are you keeping PACe with your competitors?

Benchmarking Patient Advocacy in the Life Sciences Industry

At OVID Health, we have years of experience supporting clients to develop and deepen their patient advocacy activity. We believe patient centricity is essential to delivering better healthcare. In fact, we think it should be taken as seriously as ESG. That’s why we have developed the OVID Patient Advocacy and Centricity Tracker (PACT).

“This is something companies have been grappling with for years. It’s about time we placed this on a par with ESG reporting”

– Pharma Leader on PACT

The OVID PACT is a proprietary measurement tool which companies can use to assess, track and demonstrate the quality of their patient centricity & engagement.

It provides companies with a Patient Advocacy and Centricity (PACe) Score, allowing them to anonymously benchmark their performance against industry competitors.

Working in partnership with our team, companies can improve their scores as well as communicate their results and meet future targets.

Example PACe scorecard

Overall PACe Score

A summary of your performance across the six PACT metrics.


Embed your patient partnership across the company, from CEO or MD level down, and regularly ask how the needs of your patients are being met.


Show genuine commitment to supporting your patient organisation partners to grow and thrive to serve their community.


Fully co-create collaborations with patient organisations, from concept to delivery.


Be transparent and share knowledge and expertise relevant to the patient organisation you’re working with, internally and externally.


Always be innovating in your partnerships to increase impact. Be ambitious, ensure long term commitment to projects and consider projects that can be built on, rather than delivered in isolation.


Measure the impact of your patient organisation activities regularly and make sure they are evidenced clearly.

What can PACT do for you?

“If we’re considering a pharma partnership then knowing a company had used PACT would be incredibly reassuring and would impact our decision to press the green light.”

– Patient Organisation Leader on PACT

By demonstrating your organisation’s commitment to patient centricity, you can enhance your reputation among Patient Advocacy Organisations (PAOs), enabling your team to build new partnerships in key therapy areas.

Our thorough analysis will quantify your team’s impact and clearly demonstrate to colleagues the benefits of a patient-first mentality across functions in terms of business performance.

While we focus on successes and where you stand out from the crowd, we also provide recommendations on strengthening your patient engagement functions that can be directly carried forward into your annual business planning.

By quantifying the value of your successes and giving you a clear steer on future projects, you have a ready-made case for resource – either additional headcount in your team or budget for further investment in making an impact.

We benchmark across industry, and highlight where you stand out from your competitors, building pride internally and externally.

The PACT process

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