Change for good or just for now: will COVID transform UK health?

Change for good or just for now: will COVID transform UK health?

A mere five weeks ago we celebrated the approval of the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, bringing frenzied hope about how soon life might get back to “normal” and a brighter, better 2021. Fast forward to lockdown 3.0 and it’s hard to bring back the feeling of hope that was in our reach. The devastating news coming out of the NHS and sobering daily statistics, feels more like a regrettable return to square one.

But as every good crisis communications adviser will tell you, smart organisations take stock in real time to look past the crisis and to the changes it might bring. Even as the pandemic continues to turn the world on its head and push healthcare systems to the brink, the past 12 months have shaped a new normal: vaccine policy, scientific research, public attitudes, the NHS and politics is forever altered.

Some of the changes could stick; the public and NHS want telemedicine to continue, pharmaceutical companies and regulators are innovating on faster approvals. Others will go back to the way they were, forced by the twin realities of an overstretched healthcare system and the political and economic fall out of the pandemic. Which of the many changes we have seen will be for good and which one just for now?  

Join this vital conversation (virtually of course…) on January 28th where you can hear OVID Senior Counsel members Professor David Salisbury, former DHSC Director of Immunisation, Niall Dickson CBE, former CEO of the NHS Confederation, Joe Twyman, CEO of DeltaPoll, and Neelam Patel, MedCity’s CEO, unpick where COVID-19 may have transformed the healthcare landscape for good and what this means for you and your organisation in 2021.

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