Cell & Gene Therapy: Learning from the Pandemic Roundtable

Cell & Gene Therapy: Learning from the Pandemic Roundtable







Developing, approving and manufacturing COVID-19 vaccines – at scale – in a matter of months is a remarkable achievement for the industry – and for society. While COVID-19 was an unprecedented situation, it revealed what may be accomplished under the right circumstances. With this in mind, are there learnings that could be applied to the development and commercialisation of advanced therapies? With the field on the cusp of cures for solid tumour cancers, for example, how can we create a sense of urgency around the need to bring these therapies to patients that need them?

OVID Director, Roudie Shafie, joined Jason Foster (CEO, OriBiotech), Tamas Masztis (Senior Director, Cell & Gene Therapy Supply Chain for Europe, Kite) and Aron F.Stein (Vice President Global Regulatory Affairs, Sangamo Therapeutics) to discuss what cell and gene therapy can learn from the pandemic.

Hear the commentary from Roudie below, or watch the full video at The Medicine Maker: https://bit.ly/2UW0XQa


“Cell and gene therapies are not like medicines of before, we need new ways of financing and procuring them…”



“The political demand of the last four years has mandated the MHRA to think about what it could do differently – how can we be different? How can we be better?”



My wish is that we don’t leap forward ten years, and then sit here for another ten years. Let’s keep leaping forward, this is what we need in cell and gene therapy!”