About US

About Us

What makes (you) us different?

OVID Health is an independent agency specialising in healthcare public affairs, campaigns and communications.

Our purpose is to increase the number of people living healthy lives and inspiring good care through the power of communications.

We are an award-winning team of original thinkers who advise ambitious clients to tell their story and achieve change in the health, social care and life sciences sectors.

We bring a campaigning edge to everything we do. We build bridges between the worlds of pharma, health charities and the NHS.

Our background in politics, journalism, campaigns, policy-making, public affairs and strategic communications makes OVID stand out from the crowd.

In addition to our consultancy work we are proud to run the Patient Partnership Index 2020 in collaboration with industry-leading magazine PharmaTimes.


Our clients (and prospective clients) all have something in common.

You are passionate about the wider healthcare sector, interested in how policy-makers, patients, politicians and the public interact.

You want to do something bold, insightful and innovative. You get excited about open platforms, public affairs based in pragmatism and behaviour change through media engagement (but not always in that order).

Our clients want to work with an agency with deep expertise, who are fun to work with, provide senior-level advice and who, above all, get stuff done – just like they do!

Last year we ….

Led 3 national healthcare campaigns

Achieved 50m+ social media reach for clients

Launched 1 new cancer charity

Won 19 client briefs

Won 2 national awards

Helped secure 4 national policy changes

Expanded our team

Provided pro bono advice to 4 health charities

Our Story

OVID Health was created to bridge the divide between ‘traditional’ healthcare PR, public affairs, campaigns and patient advocacy. We believe in emotional resonance and creating truly impactful patient partnerships.

We were founded in 2018 by former ministerial adviser and health comms expert Jenny Ousbey as a specialist health policy communications consultancy.

Since our launch we have won multiple awards for our client campaigns, have achieved significant growth and been recognised for our expertise in a number of industry-leading publications.